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Jun 02, 2021

A great team: Rock Valley and TBK Quad Cities Marathon go to great lengths to educate, enlighten and enrich

For nearly a quarter-century, Rock Valley Physical Therapy and the TBK Quad Cities Marathon have worked side-by-side and foot-by-foot to bring to life one of the more amazing community events in the nation.

After going virtual in 2020 thanks to a worldwide pandemic, the TBK Quad Cities Marathon is — for 2021 — back and in person — covering two great states and four amazing communities.

And like that trusted best friend, Rock Valley Physical Therapy is again bettering the lives of any and all who seek the challenge that is the premier running event in the Midwest.

“This partnership between Rock Valley and The TBK Quad Cities Marathon, is invaluable to the future success of the event,’’ said longtime marathon race director Joe Moreno, the man responsible for bringing the ultra-successful event to the Quad Cities, then and working tirelessly over two-plus decades to insure its success.

 “We are so honored to have Rock Valley Physical Therapy as a presenting sponsor,’’ added Moreno, singing Rock Valley’s praises for its dedication — among many things — to the team relay portion of the event and its family-type work environment.“The exemplary support is organic and genuine with the Rock Valley staff on our planning committee, as volunteers, as race participants and recently by providing specialized training.’’

Headquartered in Moline, Illinois, Rock Valley Physical Therapy remains the nation’s largest therapist-led PT practice, featuring 52 clinics across seven regions, covering Illinois and Iowa.

In addition to its continued commitment to the marathon, Rock Valley Physical Therapy  will again assist those interested in taking their running game to another level.

From the novice to the elite, from the runner to the walker, Rock Valley — beginning July 21 and going through  Sept. 15 — will offer a number of informational sessions to enhance running skills, insight on ways to avoid injury, offer helpful guidance toward proper nutrition and the right steps to take in case of injury.

All done in a relay-type setting.

The sessions, led by skilled Rock Valley therapists and respected members of the local running community, will be every other Wednesday from July 21 to Sept. 15,  beginning at 6:30 p.m. at a designated Rock Valley clinic. Informational talks, the running of an individual leg of the marathon relay and fellowship at the hosting Rock Valley clinic, will be part of each session.

“It’s so unique to this event,’’ Moreno said of Rock Valley’s work with those looking to enhance their running or walking skills or to understand the ins and outs of preparing to run. “I cannot say enough about the way Rock Valley reaches out to the community.’’

Involvement in such an important event, something that has a huge economical and social impact on the Quad Cities, is not lost of the Rock Valley team

“Rock Valley is a proud sponsor of the Quad Cities Marathon Relay,’’ said Danny Fleener, clinic manager at Rock Valley’s Moline-based clinic and one of the featured speakers/clinicians for the Rock Valley-sponsored training sessions. “ We are proud to be associated with other great sponsors, a great race, and a great community. The relay is a perfect way for runners and walkers of all levels to be introduced to wellness and fitness. It is a wonderful celebration of us all striving to live life better.’’

Here are the nights, locations and times of the informational and running sessions brought to life by Rock Valley Physical Therapy. All begin at 6:30 p.m.

  • Leg No. 1 —  6.8 miles,  July 21,  3800 Avenue of the Cities, Suite #107, Moline, Ill..
  • Leg No. 2 — 5.3 miles,  August 4,  1700 N Division St, Suite 200, Davenport, Iowa.
  • Leg No. 3 — 6.5 miles,  Aug. 18, 510 Valley View Drive, Moline.
  • Leg  No. 4 —  3.1 miles, September 1, 2300 53rd Ave, Bettendorf.
  • Leg No. 5 — 4.6 miles, Sept. 15, 6101 Northwest Boulevard, Davenport.

Also, each respective session will serve as an information-gathering opportunity to help Rock Valley with his philanthropic commitment to the community. In 2021, Rock Valley Physical Therapy and its “Rockin’ Relay,’’ will celebrate the path connecting all Rock Valley Physical Therapy clinics. The goal is to raise funds to support the Ronald McDonald’s houses that serve the seven regions home to Rock Valley Physical Therapy clinics.

Each Rock Valley clinic has accepted a prescribed goal of the miles needed to achieve in running, biking, walking, or swimming to reach the next clinic along its corridor. The goal  is to raise  $20-per-clinic mile for the event that serves as the company-wide service project for 2021.

“It’s partners like Rock Valley, those who always give back, that makes this event special,’’ Moreno said. “We have such great admiration for Rock Valley Physical Therapy.’’

By: Johnny Marx, Storyteller