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Sep 16, 2022

Bender back to busy schedule thanks to Hurning, Rock Valley Physical Therapy

Thanks to Rock Valley Physical Therapy’s Kerri Hurning, PT, OCS, Clinic Manager, Jeff Bender’s pre-handshake wince is a thing of the past.

The apprehension that came with reaching for a gallon of milk and a bag of groceries is no longer. A recent golf trip even merited 72 holes played over two days, and pickleball is back on the calendar.  Even restoring his 1985 Mercedes convertible is now back on the calendar..

The life-altering right elbow pain that interrupted Bender’s enjoy-each-day outlook  is no longer.

“Simple movements were difficult,’’ said Bender, one of life’s truly good souls, who serves as president of Davenport, Iowa-based Prime Construction. “Like reaching for my cellphone on the night stand among other things. It was troublesome, but I looked at it like weightlifting, “no pain, no gain,’’ but the pain became a real issue.’’

For the better part of a year, Bender, an athletic, always-on-the-move type, experienced pain in and around the balky elbow. Things were so bad, Bender had to think about what he was doing each time he went to use his right arm.

That’s when he called on Hurning and sought her – and Rock Valley Physical Therapy’s – help.

Over two months, sometimes working twice weekly, Hurning was able to remedy the situation through a series of exercises, manual therapy and dry needling.

The work of Hurning and Bender’s buy-in to getting better, gave the 51-year-old his life back.

“I began seeing Jeff as the weather started getting nicer, which is also when he gets eager to get out and do yard work and play pickleball and golf and these are the activities which would really aggravate his pain,’’ said Hurning, who after years of guiding Rock Valley’s DeWitt, Iowa-based clinic, is shifting to manage the newest addition to the Rock Valley family of clinics in Eldridge, Iowa. 

Rock Valley Physical Therapy is one of the nation’s largest therapist-owned and therapist-led private physical therapy practices. It features 61 clinics across Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. No referral is necessary to see a RVPT therapist.

“It was exciting to hear him report the ability to get back to his seasonal activities without pain,’’ Hurning said of Bender, noting that dry needling played a big part in his recovery. “Jeff was a joy to work with and I saw him over the course of two months with decreased frequency of visits in the second month as the pain gradually decreased. I give him a great deal of credit for realizing he needed help and putting in the work to get better.’’

Bender says Hurning’s ability to understand his issue, spot the troubled area and methods to return him to 100 percent, was impressive.

“I won’t hesitate to call on Kerri for any trouble,’’ he said. “She had a great plan and it worked. It is a difference-maker for me.’’

Bettering the lives of others…It is the cornerstone of Rock Valley Physical Therapy.

By: Johnny Marx, Storyteller