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May 21, 2020

Keeping Your Distance, But Keeping You Active

For some people, their new normal includes getting up and just turning on their computer to work from home, while for others it includes e-learning. Some of us are still going to work and adjusting to ever changing protocols. There are many aspects of our “new normal lives” that we currently don’t have control over but there are many aspects that we still do. We have control over our physical health.

I’ve had several patients come in and tell me that their stress levels have escalated with everything going on including:

  • Providing for their families
  • Teaching their children
  • Children stuck inside all day
  • Unable to go to the gym or attend workout classes
  • Unable to participate in sports
  • Unable to have hair/nails done

It’s so simple to perform activities to help improve physical health which in turn improves our emotional and mental health. Here are some easy tips to get you started.

Keeping children active, but entertained.

If you have children at home, here are some ways to keep them active:

  • Make an obstacle course using any household items
  • Utilize chalk to walk on a balance beam, hop to shapes or swirls, and hop scotch
  • Animal walks both forward/backwards
  • Hopping or standing on one foot
  • Kids yoga (check out youtube for ideas)
  • Sport specific tasks (ie playing catch or dribbling a basketball)

Keeping you active, but social.

Just because our lives look differently, doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice keeping up with friends.

  • Have a group virtual meeting to play games
  • Have a virtual happy hour
  • Do a virtual workout together
  • Go for a walk at the same time

Keeping you happy, but healthy.

There are plenty of other ways to be active that you can perform by yourself. You can always do a workout with anything you have at your house that is specific for your needs. Something as simple as performing “stand up, sit downs” can get your blood pumping and help maintain your leg strength. Not sure what are appropriate exercises for you to do? Don’t panic! That’s what physical therapists are here to help you with. Don’t want to come out at this time? No worries! We are taking telehealth appointments and can figure out the best home exercise program for you!

Written by: By Chelsey Ferguson, PT, DPT