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Jun 04, 2024

Rock Valley’s Nick Brambila plays important athletic training role with prep athletes

It is the perfect setting for someone who has lived Fridays under the lights and Saturdays in the trenches. 

The athletes in his care and the coaches who rely on his expertise, respect that he played and understand the importance of an in-house athletic trainer. They rely on his knowledge, his compassion, and his care. 

Such is the world of Rock Valley Physical Therapy’s Nick Brambila, AT, who is the athletic trainer at Davenport, Iowa-based North High School. 

“I chose this field because of the relationship between me and my Athletic Trainer when I was in high school,’’ said Brambila, an offensive lineman in his college playing days at the University of Dubuque (Iowa). “When I competed in collegiate sports, the relationship I had with my AT was more valuable than the one I had in high school.’’ 

It was his own battles – the bumps, the bruises, and the help he received to stay healthy – that led Brambila down such a rewarding career path. 

“Absolutely playing sports, especially collegiately, helped me realize this was the profession I wanted to be in,’’ said Brambila. “It helps me understand and empathize with my athletes since I have been through this journey and succeeded. The rewards I have with this job are an important part of these kids’ lives.’’ 

The work positively impacting the lives of athletes in his care is paramount for Brambila. He harbors a deep affection and appreciation for Davenport North athletes, coaches, administrators, and parents, knowing they trust him with something so important. Like all Rock Valley athletic trainers, Brambila knows and relishes the opportunity to be a vital first-line of offense for the athletes in his care. 

“I have not gone a day in the athletic training room where I have not heard at least one athlete say something kind about the care I give,’’ said Brambila, Kerman, Calif., native, who on off days enjoys going to movies with his wife, Kayla, and munching on pricey movie-house snacks. “Our focus is the kids and their safety. It is a well-oiled machine getting kids back on the field as quickly and safely as possible, which in the end makes everyone happy.’’ 

Jeremy Mosier is the assistant principal and activities director at Davenport North High School. An outstanding athlete in his playing days and a longtime coaching success, Mosier understands the importance of an athletic trainer in house. That Brambila played a sport is a bonus, but what Mosier appreciates most is Brambila’s knowledge, compassion, and care for every North athlete. 

“Nick is outstanding for us,’’ said Mosier. “We appreciate everything Nick does. He is punctual and prepared and builds great relationships with our student-athletes. I feel like he has really embraced being a Wildcat.’’ 

Brambila knows finding the right fit in life is a challenging task. From the jump, though, he understood how special Rock Valley Physical Therapy is and that it would be the perfect spot to develop an outstanding career path. 

“I was interviewed for two jobs,’’ Brambila said of taking that first working step into his professional world. “As soon as five minutes passed in that interview, I knew I wanted to work for Rock Valley, and I wanted to be a part of this work family. With the Quad-Cities trainers, there is nothing short of comradery, passion, kindness, and laughter. Everyone knows the importance of a team and makes you feel welcomed.’’ 

By: Johnny Marx, Rock Valley Physical Therapy Storyteller