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Jun 29, 2022

Rock Valley’s Peitzmeier helps pave a successful path for Elkhorn athlete Tanner Kloster

Patience rarely finds its way into the world of a teenager. In a broad brush stroke, they live an up-tempo, in-the-now life.

And that’s OK.

Imagine a young, high-octane, high-energy and dedicated athlete on the sidelines with an injury.

He wants back in the game yesterday.

That’s when you turn to Rock Valley Physical Therapy, the largest-therapist-led PT practice in the country.  Motivated by what’s best for each and every patient, Rock Valley Physical Therapy is a culture filled with collaboration, compassion and integrity.

Multi-sport athlete Tanner Kloster, an Elkhorn (Neb.) High School prep sought Rock Valley’s help for a hamstring injury that put the momentum of a track season and the building blocks of future football success on hold in 2022.

On hold is not where the likes of  Kloster, a hard-working and dedicated sort, wants to be.

“I hurt my hamstring running a 4×100 meter relay on a cold, windy day,’’ Kloster, in a break from preparing for the upcoming prep football season at Elkhorn, said. During the 2021-22 school year, Kloster participated in football, wrestling and track.

When sidelined, the personable junior, who has designs on a career in the art field or as a museum curator, put his return-to–play faith in Rock Valley physical therapist Raymond “RJ’’ Peitzmeier, PT, DPT, to build the foundation to safely return to action.

Utilizing a variety of rehab methods including dry needling to initially lessen the pain and improve the healing process, Kloster worked tirelessly with Peitzmeier, forming an amazing team dedicated to bettering the young athlete’s life and returning him safely to action.

Not an easy task when dealing with the ups and downs that accompany hamstring injuries.

“Tanner came to us toward the end of track season,’’ said Peitzmeier, an ever-diligent, ever-caring therapist, who has been a member of the Elkhorn-based Rock Valley Physical Therapy family for two years.

An Oakland, Neb., native, Peitzmeier earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Nebraska in Psychology and his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. One of life’s true gems, Peitzmeier resides in Omaha.

“Toward the end of his time with us, Tanner was able to run on our AlterG (anti-gravity) treadmill, which allowed him to return to running at 70 percent of his body weight and take stress off the hamstring while running,’’ Peitzmeier added. “Tanner put in a lot of hard work over the 8 weeks we saw him, and we were also able to fine-tune some of his lifting techniques before returning to his offseason football lifting program. We also gave him an eccentric Nordic hamstring program to continue to progress with on his own during the offseason to prevent further hamstring issues.’’

Kloster says he lost only the tailend of the track season and is grateful for the time, effort, compassion and care he received at Rock Valley Physical Therapy.

“Rock Valley pushed me to get healthy and RJ was the best therapist I could’ve asked for – very comfortable and reassuring,’’ Kloster said, noting that if he competes athletically after high school, it will likely be as a track athlete.

“I try to work on the things RJ told me to do, especially the hamstring curls and I stretch everyday,’’ added Kloster. “Rock Valley was a great way to get back on my feet and into the sports I love competing in. Everything was suited for me specifically which was very comforting.’’

For Peitzmeier, it was a personal battle with the injury bug that led him to what he says is the perfect career.

“I knew I wanted to work in the healthcare field from a young age,’’ he said. “Growing up I sustained a variety of injuries playing sports, and had a front-row seat to see how different professions in the healthcare world worked. I immediately fell in love with physical therapy and being able to make lasting relationships with your patients, while getting them back to what they love.’’

Peitzmeier says he draws tremendous joy in being part of the Rock Valley family, making a difference in the lives of many, bringing to life its core values of compassion and great care. Rock Valley’s success stories and feeling of personal satisfaction all come from one source: getting patients healed, healthy and back to doing what they love without pain.

It’s bettering the lives of people like Tanner Kloster who push Peitzmeier to be his best.

“I have been a PT for 2 years now and am happy to be a member of the RVPT family,’’ Peitzmeier. “I am amazed, almost daily, at how much it really does feel like a giant family. Everyone is so happy and willing to help, and I think we do a great job of putting the patient first no matter the circumstances.’’

A doctor’s visit is not required to get started with Rock Valley Physical Therapy. No referral is needed, just reach out and someone will be there to help.

Just ask Tanner Kloster.

By: Johnny Marx, Storyteller