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Effective concussion therapy requires communication between athletes, parents, athletic trainers, coaches, school nurses, school administrators, teachers and doctors. By taking a collaborative and coordinated approach, the concussed individual can receive comprehensive support, ensuring a smoother path to recovery and a successful return to daily activities and sports. C3 Logix is the only platform that brings data collection and insight together in one location.


C3 Logix is an iPad-based concussion assessment which provides baseline data that can be used for future comparison.

  • Several domains are measured to help with return to play decision-making.
  • Specific areas of impairment are identified for more timely referral to specialists for intervention.


  • Postural stability, working memory, set switching, reaction time, learning, static and dynamic visual acuity are all assessed and recorded in a test over test comparison.

How Does Rock Valley Handle Concussions? When a concussion is suspected:

  • Remove athlete immediately from participation and check for symptoms of a concussion.
  • Athlete is evaluated by a physician or athletic trainer.
  • Athlete will be post tested on C3 Logix within 24 hours of injury, after 3 days, 7 days and if necessary 10 days post injury.
  • Once the athlete is symptom free, communicate with health care provider and begin return to play process.
  • The athlete must be cleared by their physician or athletic trainer before returning to full practice.
  • If at 7 days post injury the athlete’s test is not showing adequate progress, a follow up with the physician will occur with possible referral for vestibular rehab.