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Physical therapy is a medical profession that utilizes conservative interventions – such as specific exercise and manual therapy – to help bridge the gap between a patient’s current state of physical wellbeing and where he or she wants to be. If you desire to crawl across the carpet with your grandchildren or reach into the pantry without shoulder pain, physical therapy is uniquely poised to help you accomplish these goals, without surgery, medications, or injections. At Rock Valley Physical Therapy, we design a specific treatment plan to reach your goals, facilitated via one-on-one treatment sessions.

Physical therapy services

Who Can Benefit?

Physical therapy services are for anyone struggling to complete recreational or daily activities due to pain, weakness, stiffness, or imbalance. At Rock Valley Physical Therapy, our therapists have the skillsets, knowledge, and compassion to help you understand your symptoms or impairments and walk with you through the healing process. Our holistic approach radically changes the way we view our patients. We will not view you as “elbow pain,” but as the editor who can no longer type. We will not view you as “knee pain,” but as the collegiate athlete at risk of losing a scholarship. At Rock Valley, you are more than your diagnosis. You are an individual with a unique story and a role in our community. With a commitment to excellence rooted in the heart of our company and our therapists, we provide effective treatment programs expressly designed to meet your needs.

At Rock Valley Physical Therapy, our goal is to decrease discomfort, maximize functionality, and help you live life better. Explore a sampling of our therapists’ many treatment specialties.

Head: From headaches to jaw pain (also known as your temporomandibular joint), our therapists will teach you strategies to mitigate your symptoms in the short term and the skills to manage your symptoms in the long term. If you experience mood-affecting headaches or jaw pain while chewing, laughing, or yawning, you are a great candidate for our patient-centered care.

Upper body: Our therapists are passionate about helping you understand what is going on inside your body. The upper body consists of your shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand – including thousands of muscles, tendons, and nerves in between. Our one-on-one patient care allows for the opportunity to answer all of your questions.

Spine: From the bottom of your head to the tip of your tailbone, pain relating to the spine is the most common orthopedic complaint. In the world of imaging, medication, and google, spine pain often feels overwhelming. We ensure our patients are able to be active participants in their care, helping each individual sift through acquired knowledge while treating symptoms.

Lower body: Consisting of your hip, knee, ankle, and foot – with all the muscles, tendons, and nerves in between – our therapist will tease out the tissues at fault. From surgeries to Weekend Warrior injuries, our therapists will work hard to get you back to your routine activities. 

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