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Aubrey Donner


Clinic: Muscatine, IA – Rehab & Cedarwood 

Aubrey Donner is from Ottumwa, IA and currently resides in Muscatine, IA. Aubrey received her undergraduate degree from the Grand View University in Biology and received their Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy from Saint Louis University. Outside of work Aubrey enjoys crafting, traveling, and spending time outdoors.

Why did you become an Occupational Therapist? 

I have always wanted to be in the health care field, initially with Athletic Training. I spent many days/evenings with my father at sporting events or in the training room.  I was able to shadow a few Occupational Therapists while in high school and see how they were able to connect with people. Making a difference in the lives of so many people made me want to be a part of that community.

What are you involved with in your community?

I coach a local travel volleyball team.

Awards & Certifications: 

Certified Lymphedema Therapist

LSVT BIG Certified

Hand & Occupational Therapy, LSVT BIG, Lymphedema, Pediatrics, Rehab

Located in Muscatine, Iowa – Cedarwood, Muscatine, Iowa – Rehab

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