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Catherine Herman

Cathy Herman


Cathy Herman grew up on a farm in rural southeast Iowa. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Northern Iowa and received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Iowa. Outside of work, Cathy enjoys gardening, crocheting, staying active, spending time with friends and family.

Why did you become a Physical Therapist? 

I chose to become a physical therapist because of my desire to help people and my interest in the study of the human body, movement and exercise. Also, I grew up playing sports and have remained active my whole life, and would like to help others do the same for as long as possible.

Awards and Certifications:

  • American Physical Therapy Association Member
  • Iowa Physical Therapy Association Member
  • Orthopedic Special Section Member

Balance & Fall Prevention, Orthopedics, Vestibular Therapy

Located In:

Iowa City, Iowa

Phone: 319-337-8818 | Fax: 319-337-8308

North Liberty, Iowa

Phone: 319-665-2555 | Fax: 319-665-2570

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