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Rachel Ehlert

Rachel Ehlert


Rachel Ehlert is from Sterling and currently resides in Geneseo. Rachel received her undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa and received her MPT degree from St. Ambrose University. Outside of work Rachel enjoys traveling with her husband and 2 kids.

Why did you become a Physical Therapist? 

I have always been fascinated in the human body and how it works. I was involved in athletics all through school and found that physical therapy was the natural choice for me.

What are you involved with in your community?

I am involved in the Quad City Senior Olympics as a board member. My husband coaches track and cross country in Geneseo and I spend a lot of time involved in those activities with him and the students.

Awards & Certifications: 

Certified in LSVT Big and a Rock Steady Boxing instructor. Geriatric Certified Specialist, Advanced Certified Exercise Expert for the Aging Adult

Back, Balance & Fall Prevention, Foot & Ankle, Hip, Knee, Neck, Orthopedics, Shoulder

Located In:

Silvis, Illinois

Phone: 309-796-3450 | Fax: 309-796-3460

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