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Sep 14, 2022

Providing great care in a great town: Rock Valley Physical Therapy and Eldridge set to “Make Better Lives’’ together

Mixed emotions can come with an opportunity of a lifetime, just ask Rock Valley Physical Therapy’s Kerri Hurning, PT, MPT, OCS.

“There is great joy in leading – in a place you call home – and there is sadness at moving on from a place so near and dear to one’s heart,’’ said Hurning, the longtime manager at Rock Valley’s DeWitt, Iowa-based clinic, who will be the clinic manager at Rock Valley’s 61st clinic – and latest addition to the family – at 110 N 1st Street, Eldridge, Iowa.

The Eldridge clinic is set to open in October. Rock Valley Therapy is one of the nation’s largest therapist-owned and led physical therapy practices in the nation with clinics covering Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska.

“If it is possible to have the heaviest heart ever and extreme joy and excitement all bundled up in the same person, that is exactly what I feel,’’ added Hurning.

Going home, to passionately serve and make a difference in so many, is exciting for the always-upbeat Hurning.

“I was born and raised in the North Scott (county) community,’’ Hurning said, noting that one does not need an outside referral to seek help and care from a physical therapist. “And aside from five years that I moved to Davenport while going to school at St. Ambrose (University),  I continued to work in Eldridge and play softball and volleyball leagues, so I really never left the area.’’

Joining Hurning will be Eldridge native Katelyn Warner, PT, DPT,  who managed Rock Valley’s Blue Grass, Iowa, clinic, before deciding to make better lives in Eldridge.

“I have always been a part of the Eldridge community, given my parents are both from the area,’’ said Warner, who earned her undergraduate degree in Biology and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Clarke University at Dubuque, Iowa.

”I lived in Dubuque for six years while attending Clarke, but kept ties to Eldridge during that time. My husband and I are both from Eldridge and are raising our family there.’’

Hurning and Warner, two gifted and compassionate therapists, getting the ultimate chance to make a difference at home.

By: Johnny Marx, Storyteller