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Nov 23, 2022

Rock Valley’s Polk City clinic set to showcase renovated site

Stephanie Kelsick recalls – with a slight mix of humor and a heavy dose of gratitude – her first look inside what was Rock Valley Physical Therapy’s new Polk City, Iowa, clinic.

The year was 2010.

“It was 499 square feet,’’ Kelsick, PT, OCS, CSCS, Clinic/Regional manager, said of the original size of the Rock Valley site at 419 West Bridge Road, Suite A, Polk City. “And we had Papa’s Pizzeria next to us and had some wonderful smells, but things were a bit smaller.’’

A bit?

Today, thanks to the hard work of Kelsick, a cast of caring and dedicated clinicians and the ever-faithful backing of an amazing community, what was once 499 square feet is now 2,800 square feet of gorgeous, renovated clinic. 

Rock Valley Physical Therapy’s Polk City site features four skilled and caring physical therapists, a gifted certified athletic trainer dedicated to bettering the lives of North Polk Community School’s student-athletes, and a front-office lead ready and willing to assist Rock Valley patients.

To celebrate the gorgeous remodel, Rock Valley Physical Therapy is holding an open house/ribbon-cutting ceremony, Thursday, Dec. 8, from 4 to 6:30 p.m. The day – a celebration for all – will feature therapist-led demonstrations, food and beverages.

“We are so fortunate – and believe me – we have been nothing but blessed in our time here,’’ Kelsick said, noting one of the reasons the Polk City Rock Valley clinic continues to grow is the tremendous growth the Polk City community has experienced the past decade.

“This entire corridor –  and I believe we do what we do for its benefit – has truly embraced us and what we are about. The people of this area have been there for us as much as we have been there for them.’’

Rock Valley truly lives its motto: “Making Better Lives.’’

Lending proof to the depth of community involvement, Kelsick said she – and her team – asked patients to suggest what they believe the remodeled clinic should feature.

“Artificial turf field,’’ Kelsick said, recalling one of the suggestions. “One high school athlete suggested as much. I don’t know where or how we can do that, but we appreciate all the ideas. Seriously, this has been a community effort.’’

Humble to a fault, Kelsick says she is blessed to be surrounded by a like-minded team that strives each day to better the community they serve.

“Amazing, just amazing,’’ Kelsick said of Logan Albaugh, PT, DPT, OCS, CEAS; Mackenzie Cichon, PT, DPT, OCS, CMT, TPI; Seth Bonifas, PT, DPT; Courtney Joint, ATC/L; and Jane Jackson, Front Office. “What a team. They are Invested deeply in their patients and the community.‘’

One bond that strikes an ultra-positive chord with Kelsick, is the partnership Rock Valley Physical Therapy shares with the North Polk Community Schools.. 

“It’s such an important relationship,’’ Kelsick said. “And Courtney does great work. I don’t know how many times I have seen an athlete being treated and then his or her dad reaches out for care. Or a mother has an issue and saw first-hand how we made a difference with her son or daughter, or what we did to help her husband. Some amazing relationships have been formed.’’

A front-line staple of Rock Valley Physical Therapy has forever been relationships. In this instance, it even includes those bringing the remodeled clinic to life.

“Absolute Construction has done a great job,’’ Kelsick said. “They know and understand what we are trying to accomplish and have been great to work with. Everyone knows everyone and all of us appreciate what they have done.’’

A fresh, new setting, but the same dedication to a community.

Rock Valley and Polk City are a winning combination.

By: Johnny Marx, Storyteller