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By truly understanding your employees, our professional health and wellness physical therapy staff can identify current health and injury risks within your organization, provide personalized health coaching and therapy services, encourage safe and healthy behavior changes, create healthy workplace environments, and reduce healthcare expenses by emphasizing illness, disease, and injury prevention. We group wellness and injury prevention together under a tiered pricing structure, allowing for easy program use and smart purchasing options. With online and on-site resources, the program is easy for your employees to utilize. Our physicians, health coaches, nurses, and physical therapists are a bridge between resources at your worksite and trusted physicians and hospitals right in your community.

  • Corporate Wellness: When it comes to keeping your employees healthy, there isn’t a more trusted partner than Rock Valley Health. Customized health and wellness plans ensure a healthy, productive, and profitable work environment. 
  • Health Coaching: Private health coaching sessions identify personal weight loss goals, promote healthy lifestyle changes, and behavior modifications.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy: Nutrition therapy covers weight loss solutions for all ages, dietary changes for chronic diseases, and sports nutrition for athletes. With the guidance of our registered dietitian, healthy weight loss can help improve blood sugar control, reduce blood pressure, and improve cholesterol levels. Nutrition services are also available throughout pregnancy to promote healthy weight gain and provide gestational diabetes education.
  • Group Fitness Classes: We offer a variety of classes that will challenge your needs. Whether you’re a beginner at the gym, a serious athlete, or someone wanting to be active with low mobility, we’ve got a class for you!
  • Personal Training: Looking for a personalized fitness program? Do you prefer to exercise alone?  Personal training is the perfect solution! We offer one-on-one individualized training. Our trainer will help identify personal goals and schedule times that work for you.

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