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Mar 12, 2018

Here’s Why Your Knees Might Be In K-Need of a Visit to Your Physical Therapist

why your knees might need physical therapy

The knee joint itself takes the brunt of our body’s daily wear and tear. Most of our daily physical activity requires the use of our knees, which means keeping our knee joints healthy and functioning properly is extremely important to the overall quality of our lives.

Weakened hip stabilizers and glute muscles are the most common causes of knee pain we see in Rock Valley Physical Therapy patients. When a patient’s hip stabilizers or glute muscles are weak, the surrounding muscles must take over, resulting in overworked muscles and unneeded pressure and strain on the knee.

When a patient comes to Rock Valley Physical Therapy with knee pain, mitigation is the first step we take to analyze the mechanics of their knees. Looking at a patient’s walking and running patterns through video analysis, we are able to visually locate possible mechanical issues and identify the weakened areas of the knee. If weakened areas are detected, we then provide the patient with appropriate strength exercises designed to increase the strength of their hip stabilizers as well as the surrounding muscles.

Take the necessary precautions needed to ensure your hip and core strength is strong so that your knees can function properly. Because their muscle growth has not caught up with their bone growth, young athletes are at an increased risk for knee pain and the potential of more serious knee-related issues. Consistent hip and core strength exercises are the key to healthy knees as a young adult.

When it comes to the health and function of your knees, don’t forget to look at your feet! Shoe ware is a HUGE area that is commonly overlooked but can have a big impact on the overall health of your knees. To have a healthy impact on your knees, your shoes need to be sturdy, comfortable, and armed with good arch support. Remember, your feet are your body’s main first contact with the ground, so keeping your feet and ankles happy and healthy are important to your body’s overall function and mobility.