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May 31, 2023

Rock Valley Physical Therapy, Running Wild partnering to better serve Quad Cities’ running and fitness community

Rock Valley Physical Therapy, Running Wild and the Running Wild Elite Race Team, are joining forces to build, promote, educate, treat and enhance the local racing and fitness community.

The trio of Quad-Cities cornerstones were established on similar principles and dedicated to bettering the lives of the many they serve.

Rock Valley Physical Therapy, founded in Moline, Illinois, in 1984, features 60+ clinics across Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. It is one of the largest therapist-owned and therapist-led private PT practices in the nation. 

Running Wild came to the front in 1991, formed by a group of dedicated, Quad-Cities-based athletes who – with great vision – saw a need for experienced, highly-trained fitness experts.

Whether it’s track, cross country, general fitness, weight loss, or simple comfort, Running Wild and its elite race group strive to keep Quad-Citians healthy and living longer through fitness. The Running Wild Elite Race Team team was formed in 2021.

“Running Wild took this step because of the quality of care offered at Rock Valley Physical Therapy, its experienced clinicians and its reputation,’’ said Devin Allbaugh, Brand/Race Manager for Running Wild. “I am continually impressed with the level of care for their patients, myself included. I’ve never seen anything like it. Walking into every clinic I’ve been in, you can tell people love their jobs and enjoy being there. I’m a believer in surrounding myself with people who are more knowledgeable and more talented than myself and that’s what we’ve done with the team and our partnership with Rock Valley.’’

The trio will partner in a number of events over the course of the 2023 race and fitness season, including the Belmont Mile (Saturday, June 3, at Augustana College);  the ScoCo50 (Saturday, Aug. 26) 50K and 10-Mile trail race at Scott County Park); and an ever-important running symposium set for Wednesday, June 28, at 6:15 p.m., at Rock Valley Physical Therapy’s 850 43rd Ave. Moline location.

The free event features presentations from a number of health-related and running experts, including two Rock Valley physical therapists. In-depth presentations regarding training and competing in the right footwear and performance nutrition basics for raceday and fitness success.

Featured speakers are:

  • Justin Rumpza, PT, DPT, OCSCommon running injuries: How to identify and prevent them from a runner’s perspective
  • Sam Long, PT, DPT Strength-training for runners: How to strengthen, what to work on, and when to include in your running routine

Guest Speakers:

Long, a standout distance runner at Orion High School and at St. Ambrose University, continues to compete at a high level and is familiar with both staff and the Running Wild Elite Team. His relationship, extensive knowledge of what runners experience, had led to many Running Wild Elite runners turning to Long for injury-related care.

“I knew a vast majority of runners on Running Wild Elite prior to its inception in 2021,’’ said Long, who earned his undergraduate and Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees from St. Ambrose University, respectively.

“A lot of people on this team were my teammates in college, folks I competed against in high school, folks I competed against in college, or had simply just been a staple in the Q-C running community for many years. Bringing all these different people together into one team is what makes Running Wild Elite so cool. I think the team shows the strength and excitement within the Q-C running scene these days.’’

Knowing his background and his dedication to his patients, Allbaugh, who along with his wife and several members of the Running Wild Elite, often turn to Long and Rock Valley when dealing with injury.

“Sam is an incredible therapist,’’ Allbaugh said. “Sam and I share a similar sense of humor and neither of us takes ourselves too seriously (at least when we’re together). Not to say Sam doesn’t have professional rapport, but he feels real and he feels human. Maybe the most important thing is is that he’s a runner himself.’’

Allbaugh says it is important to know this is not the first iteration of Running Wild having a competitive racing team.

“There have been a few through three-plus decades,’’ he said. “Athlete’s Foot Quad-Cities would set the standard and inspire the inception of both Running Wild and the original Running Wild Race Team. First and foremost, the goal is to create a hub, safe space, and group for people to enjoy the sport.’’

Rock Valley Physical Therapy, Running Wild and Running Wild Elite: Cornerstones working together to create a great future.

By: Johnny Marx, Storyteller